Betting Wages – Why I’m on the 07:16 to Glasgow



Title: Why I’m on the 07:16 to Glasgow

Date: July 1st 2015


My train leaves at 07:16 (well it's meant to!)…

So I've got a bit of spare time to type up this quick email, and tell you why I'm at Manchester Piccadilly station.

I know over the next fortnight, punters attentions are naturally drawn to Wimbledon and The Open Golf Championship, and football is off everyone's radar until around mid-August.

But today…

Football is exactly the reason I'm off to Glasgow to meet a new contact I've been in touch with since April.

Having swapped plenty of emails, spoken to him on the phone a few times, and seen his betting track record, I think this guy could be very, very special.

So the next obvious step as part of the due diligence I always go through before potentially signing up a new expert… well, it's to see him face-to-face.

All the indications are that today's first meet-up should go well, and I'll update you again later this week.

The reason I want to keep you in the loop from this early stage is because this guy's information is only likely to be offered to a select few on an invitation-only basis… and I'll be wanting to know well before the new season starts whether you'd like to give his bets a trial.

The reason for this…

As I know from my experience over the last year running another football advisory service focused on South American bets…

Is that when you're involved in leagues where the odds can move sharpish when too many members are privy to targeted, price-sensitive bets, I simply can't open the floodgates to my whole private database.

You see…

This guy in Glasgow… well, he's Scottish for a start… and guess what?

Yep, he's a total expert on Scottish football from the SPL all the way down to League 2.

So if things go well today, I'm looking to team up with him and offer a brand new SCOTTISH ONLY football service in a few weeks time.

Right, I'd better get on the train. I'll be in touch again by the weekend.

Kind Regards,
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Matthew Walton