Email Whitelisting


My email needs to be
whiter than white…

So make sure you whitelist me now!

Whenever I send you emails…

They will always be from one of two email addresses…

And because I want to make sure every one of them reaches your inbox, instead of being blocked or filtered by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who provides your email, I need you to do me a favour right now.

web_spamNow one thing I’m definitely not is some trigger-happy spammer who wants to act all evil and bombard your inbox every five minutes.

Well, you know that already… right?

But because dreaded ‘spam’ has become such a massive problem for all of us…

Even legitimate, professional people like me can get caught up in my emails being blocked (or blacklisted).

And it can be worse when it comes to betting.

But all is not lost!

You can do something called whitelisting me (and no… it’s not painful… for me or you!)

This should make sure (fingers crossed) my emails always get through to you… or at least have a fighting chance.

Now I don’t know what email system, or ISP, you’re currently using, but I’ve included whitelisting instructions below for a few of the major ones.

Just click on any of these links for further details…

(now changed to
Microsoft Outlook


If you’re using an up-to-date version of AOL…

• Open the latest email you received from me.

• Click the Add Address button to add my email – which as you will see is – to your People I Know list.


• Open the latest email you received from me.

• Click the drop down arrow next to Reply in the upper right side of your inbox screen.

• Click Add Matthew Walton to Contacts List from the drop-down menu. This will add my email address – – to your contacts list.


Google made a change to their Gmail system towards the end of July 2013 so watch out.

If you login on the Gmail site to look at your emails, make sure you check the Promotions tab because certain emails may end up here and you never get to see them.

If this happens, it’s easy to get it sorted. When you find an email stuck in the Promotions tab, all you need to do is left click it, drag it in to the Primary tab and click yes to confirm all future emails should automatically be directed to your Primary tab.
Hotmail (now called

• Open the latest email you received from me.

• Click Add to contacts in the From details at the top of the email.


• Open the latest email you received from me.

• Copy the address in the From line.

• Click on Settings.

• On the E-mail settings screen, click Junk E-Mail Guard.

• Select Safe List.

• In the space directly under Add people to the safe list, simply enter my personal email address details – – which you copied from the From line.

• Click Add.

Microsoft Outlook

• Find the latest email you received from me.

• Right click on the email, scroll down the drop-down menu until you find Junk e-mail then click on the Add Sender’s Domain to Safe Senders List option.


• Click Mail Options.

• Click Filters.

• Click Add Filter.

• In the row called From header, make sure contains is selected in the drop-down menu.

• Click in the text box next to this drop-down menu and enter my address, which is of course

• Then, where it says Move the message to, select inbox from the drop-down menu.

• Finally, click the Add Filter button.

If you need any help or advice whitelisting my email, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling my office on 01625 315654, or my personal mobile – 07752 768094.

Kind Regards,
Matthew Walton